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Welcome to our Bitcoin Price Ticker site at

We are working hard to provide you with the best possible website to quickly see the live Bitcoin (BTC) price.

Our site makes use of the latest in web technology so that the Bitcoin Price will update in real time as new trades are made on the World’s leading Bitcoin Exchanges, without you having to (annoyingly) keep clicking the refresh button!

US Dollars is the default currency for the site but we also offer Bitcoin prices in BTC to GBP (UK Pounds), BTC to JPY (Japanese Yen), BTC to CNY (Chinese Renminbi), BTC to EURO (EUROS) and of course, BTC to USD (US Dollars). Just use the flag icons on the site to choose your preference and bookmark it, more instructions on how to do this below.

How to use the Bitcoin Price Ticker

Here is a screenshot example of our ticker in US Dollars.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price

What does it mean if the Bitcoin Price Changes Colour?

The Bitcoin price may turn one of 3 colours:

RED = the Bitcoin price is trending downwards! time to HODL!

WHITE = the Bitcoin price has not changed (since the last trade)

GREEN = the Bitcoin price is trending upwards! yay!

The 24 Hour Change percentage will also change colour as an indicator of upward or downward BTC price trends.

We also show the 24h hour price change in local currency.

What are the Open, High and Low Bitcoin Prices?

We capture the Bitcoin price at the start of each day, this is referred to as the “open” price. We have this for the hour and day.

The “low” price is the lowest price we have recorded for the current hour or current day.

The “high” price is the highest price we have recorded for the current hour or current day.

These values are shown in local currency, in this example UK Pounds.

What are the Bitcoin Exchange values?

We show the last Bitcoin Exchange that just traded a Bitcoin. The transaction Id of that trade, the amount of Bitcoin traded and the local currency equivalent of that amount of BTC.

The volume data is the total number of Bitcoin traded and the equivalent value of that many BTC in the local currency such as UK pounds or Dollars.

There are many opinions on how to get ‘THE’ Bitcoin price. Since it is decentralised by design, there is no single authority to say what the current price is. This is why our price may differ from what you see elsewhere.

The approach taken in our web technology is to use a Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) which takes into account the past 24 hours volume.

For example, you have 2 exchanges, exchange A and exchange B, where A has 75% of the volume in the past 24 hours – our data  gets calculated as follows:

0.75 x (Last Trade on A) + 0.25 x (LastTrade on B)

If it all sounds a bit complicated then just enjoy using our Bitcoin Ticker and let us worry about the techie stuff.

Bitcoin Chart

Our ticker homepage also has a Bitcoin Chart with the past 24 hours price trend. This is to give you a more visual representation of the price movements.

Bitcoin Chart
Bitcoin Chart Example

The Bitcoin Chart uses the same currency and price index of the page you selected, so it will show some of the same data as the price ticker.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

We offer links to some of the top Bitcoin services for buying Bitcoin, Mining Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading. We may receive a referral reward for passing on new Customers. This is our payback for building and maintaining this site, data, and servers behind it. We would also appreciate any Bitcoin donations if you find our site useful, we appreciate even the smallest amount of Satoshi into our tip jar!

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Smartphone and Tablet Bitcoin Price Ticker

The design of our website is super-friendly to use on your smartphone or tablet devices. We have minimised the homepage screen clutter and there are no flashy banner advertisements to distract you!

This allows you to keep a focus on monitoring the Bitcoin price changes.

If you are using a laptop or PC Desktop, we suggest you use the ZOOM feature (CTRL + “+” plus sign) to make the display larger within your web browser. This is useful if you have a bigger screen and allow you to sit a bit away from your desk but still see the prices.

Bitcoin Price APP

To use our site in APP mode on your tablet or smartphone, simply navigate to our site in your web browser at and choose your preferred currency:

BTC-to-USD Bitcoin Price
BTC-to-GBP Bitcoin Price
BTC-to-EUR Bitcoin Price
BTC-to-JPY Bitcoin Price
BTC-to-CNY Bitcoin Price
Once on the page, (on Apple IOS Safari) tap the box icon with the up arrow and choose “Add to Home Screen” from the options.
add to home screen

add to home screen

This will add an APP ICON onto your device so that you can get the site with a simple tap from your homepage!
bitcoin price app

bitcoin price app icon

Bitcoin Price App Video

Here is a quick video on how to add Bitcoin Ticker to your home screen.

If you have any issues or suggestions when using our site, be sure to let us know at [email protected]

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